Blood Drive

Greenhorns and Devil Eyes

Ace shows the posse how to cowboy up...

Cole, Creed, and Ace all find themselves in Sutter’s Flats at the Lonely Crow saloon. They’ve heard rumors that someone in the area is hiring, and they are desperate enough (for their own reasons) to show up to the middle of nowhere in hopes of a job.

They don’t have to wait long… Bill Sutter walks in to the Lonely Crow and hires the trio within 15 minutes. He’s driving his cattle north for sale. Bayou Vermillion is low-balling him, and he’s having none of it. Cole and Creed look the part of cowboys, but Ace doesn’t fit the profile. Bill doesn’t seem to mind much as long as they are willing to learn and work hard. $30 a month is the agreed upon wage.

Since Cole doesn’t have a room at the Lonely Crow, he heads back to the Lazy S ranch with Sutter and spends the rest of the day prepping the bunkhouse for himself and the other two newcomers.

The first real day of work finds the trio breaking horses. This seems to be a test of sorts. Sutter hands them off to Luke Canton who basically points at four horses and sits back to watch the entertainment. Creed does manage to break one of the horses but looks the fool doing it. Cole looks okay. It’s the dandy Ace, however, who proves to be the ringer. He breaks two horses… and then decides to have a go at Devil Eyes the horse no one on the ranch has been able to break.

A crowd gathers as Ace ropes and mounts the giant mare. Creed even mutters a prayer for Ace. It’s Ace’s day though. Devil Eyes bucks, snorts, thrashes, but eventually is broken. A cheer goes up from the Lazy S hands. Sutter is so impressed that he loans Devil Eyes to Ace for the drive and gives the trio the night off.

Dinner is particularly upbeat that night due to Ace’s exploits. Round-up is considered harder than the drive itself, and normally the hands are ready to eat and head to bed. Abby Morton sits with Ace for a bit and asks question after question…

Non-Story Notes

  • Character creation took way longer than I expected. For Smooth and Jeramie, I’m going to find out what they want to play and have some sort of template ready.
  • I warned folks that neglecting fighting is probably a bad, bad thing. That sets your parry rating and could cause issues if something jumps on your face.
  • Riding is the main skill for cattle driving. Throwing is important for roping.
  • I messed up a few things with Devil Eyes, but of course the results stand! Joe also had a free success in his hand that he could have used, so let’s just say it all balances out.
  • Steve has changed his character’s name from Ezekial to Creed. I think I’ve corrected all of the references. Also, based on Creed’s picture, I would say he DOES look the part of a cowboy… So I retconned that in the adventure log.
  • Regarding Miracles, they only last for one round even if they can normally be maintained by other Arcane Backgrounds.


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