Blood Drive

Of Spiders and Shootouts

This is just a quick recap so I don’t forget the details; I’ll be back to edit this…

  • Sutter tasks the posse with tracking down some stray cattle.
  • Some success, but then there’s a Terrantula attack. Tense moments. Creed and his horse are swarmed. The horse goes down, Creed manages to get to the water, and blasts the horse/spiders/dynamite into smithereens.
  • Ace tells a harrowing tale of the Weird West.
  • Upon returning to the Lazy S, Bartholomew Phelps and some Bayou Vermillion goons (including Black Dog) confront Sutter. Outnumbered, Phelps rides away. Ace and Phelps have history.
  • Sutter escalates the drive. Three days before departure…
  • Ace – seen as the leader of the posse – overhears some jealous mutterings from Worley Ries.
  • Posse is tasked with accompanying Abby Morton to Pettinger’s Supply to pick up supplies.
  • Phelps and 5 BV gunmen confront the posse. Phelps calls out Cole.
  • Phelps wins the duel, but both are still standing. BV attacks. Phelps and Ace tangle, and Abby drops Phelps for good.
  • Aftermath…
    • Ace’s “secret” is out of the bag.
    • Abby
    • Posse has three BV rail warriors captive; no clue what to do with them.
    • Where’s Black Dog?
    • The Posse is hurting… and they have to leave on the drive in 2 days.

Let me know if I left anything out.


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