Posse Makeup

The posse currently consists of:

Creed Pallister – Steve is playing a shotgun wielding preacher.

Ace – Joe is playing a Huckster which is the closest thing in the setting to a straight up “wizard.” I think it’s a safe bet to think Joe will go offensive.

Cole – Gary is playing a gunslinger specializing in general violence (as opposed to dueling as seen below).

One of the things that I really like about Deadlands is the sheer amount of choice. You would need 15 players to cover all of the roles, so there are going to be holes in the party. There are no wrong choices.

Smooth and Jeramie haven’t made characters yet. Here are some options…

  • Cowboy – The group is on a cattle drive; a character specializing in that task would be helpful.
  • Duelist – A gunslinger that specializes in High Noon shootouts. This is a very specific set of skills that won’t come up often… but it will come up.
  • Hand to Hand Specialist – Normally represented by an Indian Brave or a Martial Artist; the difference between the two come down to complexity. A brave is straightforward while the Martial Artist is technically a spellcaster.
  • Sawbones – A doctor basically.

And that’s not to say that another general Gunslinger or Shotgun-wielding preacher wouldn’t be beneficial either.

Posse Makeup

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