Blood Drive

Black Day for Black Dog

Blood Drive’s strength is that it’s an introduction to Savage Worlds as a system and Deadlands as a setting. This chapter of the adventure was clearly intended to showcase Savage Worlds ability to handle large scale combats easily. I think it was successful… despite the GM’s lack of preparation!

Three days after the cattle drive started, Bayou Vermillion attacked in the middle of the night. Bill Sutter and Luke Canton were scouting ahead for the next watering hole and four of the Lazy S cowboys were riding the herd, leaving the three members of the posse, cook Javier Ortega, Abby Morton, and 10 cowboys to fend off 10 rail warriors, 5 walking dead, and Black Dog himself.

Cole and Ace concentrated on the rail warriors and walking dead, but Creed jumped on the opportunity to blast away at Black Dog when he got too close to the action. Hit in the chest with two slugs, Black Dog was down for the fight. His crew tried to rescue him, but Ace entangled the lot of them and they were swept underneath the stampeding herd.

Things looked dark at the beginning, but when the dust settled the Lazy S had only lost two hands. Clearly, it could have been much worse.

While doing a perimeter ride, Cole finds Black Dog’s horse. While there’s nothing special about the animal, in the saddlebag Cole finds a leather cloth with a strange six-shooter wrapped inside.

Is this the end of Bayou Vermillion‘s attacks? Will the herd make it to Roswell intact? Will Abby ever stop talking? And what’s the deal with that gun?

Tune in next time…


Awesome!!! Dig the adventure. Dig the setting. Dig the system. Dig my character. OK, you get the point. :) Looking forward to playing again.


Black Day for Black Dog

Great stuff. Really like the adventure. I’m starting to really like the Savage Worlds system. Looking forward to our next Deadlands session


Black Day for Black Dog
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